About Rotterdam-Japan Club

Rotterdam-Japan Club

6th October, 1987

Rotterdam Japan Club was established in 1987 therefore the year 2022 is the 35 years anniversary of this Club.

Objective Cultivation of friendly relations between senior Japanese and Dutch businessmen in the Rotterdam area by being open to the mutual cultures, and for exchange of information.

The Board A Dutch and a Japanese Co-Chairman, an Events specialist, a Treasurer and other General Committee Members, appointed by the Board from Club Members, who preferably have been a regular member of RJC during at least one year.

The term of office is maximum 5 years.  A second term is allowed on the basis of a unanimous decision of the Board.

Members The total number of current members is about 50 people. Due to the corona pandemic, we couldn’t have any events in the last 2 years. We re-started our club activities in the year 2022. The division of Japanese and Dutch membership is approximately 50/50.

In principle no more than 10 % of the Japanese or Dutch Members may be of the same professional sector.

Events The standard events are Lunch Meetings with guest speakers, held 3 or 4 times a year at lunch time. Other activities are a New Year reception and an Annual Excursion.

Contributions The Registration Fee for new members is € 50.00 and the Annual Membership Fee is  € 300.00 (the price of the year 2022), which include the original Annual fee, 4 Luncheon Fees and contributions to the cost of the New Year’s Party and Annual Excursion.

Associate Members Upon request a Member who has actively participated in Club events, may be accepted as Associate Member after retirement from business. The annual fee of Associate Membership is 80% of the regular fee. The total number of Dutch or Japanese Associate Members shall not exceed 10% of the number of Dutch or Japanese regular members.

Honorary Members
a) The founding Board Members and Secretary of the RJC
b) The Ambassador of Japan for the duration of his / her stay in The Netherlands.
c) Any specifically deserving person the Board may wish to appoint at its discretion from time to time.

Observing Member
A person, who due to the specific nature of the environment,  may be appointed as Observing Member by the Board at its discretion.